#H00ple-n-h0tdi IRC chat room intro

IRC? Is this difficult? NO! You are here to find how to get into the room, period. We'll really try to keep the technobabble to a minimum. Some of you must be willing to go somewhat out of the Yahoo! 'comfort zone' to get to the IRC room though.

Click here ---> http://www.hooplenhotdi.us/chat/ This will open a new browser window to IRC. When this window opens a Java Security popup will appear the first time you enter. Answer ' (or check) Always run...' and click 'Run' (or click Yes) and you will only see it once. For the curious this consists of a Browser Helper Object and some Java code modules. OK, you can forget that technobabble bit about it now ;)

Windows XP (IE 7) Windows 2000 (IE 6)

Then the chat room opens. Once it finishes opening you will see the message -HHbouncer- Welcome Hoople to #H00ple-n-h0tdi!! Type !help for help. Type your Yahoo-ID in the Change nick to box and press enter, this will change your chat nickname. Remember, we're all here to have fun so let's get to it!

Type in your Yahoo-ID (or screen name) in the "Change nick to" box and press enter.
Why not your first name? We recommend the screen name that you use in the Yahoo Groups for several reasons. More on that way later! 1

Here's a screen capture of the room below.

Sorta looks like the Yahoo! Groups chat window, right? Good! We thought so too. Not so bad? Good, start chatting!

Advanced users

For those wanting to use mIRC or other IRC clients the chat room is: #h00ple-n-h0tdi on http://Liquid-Silver.net/. See our installation and configuration guide for more info.

DCC setup tips

1 Why did my name change to Anonymous145? On an 'IRC network' there can only be one person of any given name. So, there is the reason we recomend your screen name aka Yahoo! ID to be used. Still want to be you? Try adding a ^ or two before or after your name. For the name Joe you then type: /nick Joe^ and wala, you are no longer Anonymous145!!


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