NJ Showing and Watching Party rules and Logistics

General Rules

This party group is for couples to meet for Watching and Being Watched in the same room. Couples play only with their own partners - disrobing IF they wish to, but it's not a requirement. Just watching only is fine also as it's a big part of the party too! Zipper-fucking, hand jobs, Blow Jobs, crotch massages, breast rubbing, flashing - ALL OK, just with your partner ONLY.

During the parties between couples there is NO touching, oral and especially no intercourse. This type of play between couples is NOT allowed. If couple full swing play is what you seek this isn't your type of party!
At parties NO pressuring anyone to go beyond Watching and Being Watched.

Once sufficient partygoers sign up (minimum of 4 couples) the party date will be posted. In the event there too few couples signed up the party will be declared off.


Only the couples who have signed up for the party will be given the location of the initial meeting place. It will NOT be posted in the group. It will NOT be emailed or IM'd to anyone else not on the party list. So don't ask later on, esp once the party sign up period has ended, OK. This is to prevent unwanted party crashers (un-accompanied singles, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends or Law Enforcement)

The initial meeting place will be a bar or other similar public location. The initial meeting place will be kept in close proximity to the party location.

There will normally be a 30-minute window of opportunity for the invited couples to arrive at the initial meeting place before the name and location of the hotel and the room number where the party will take place are given out. Only those actually showing up will get the name and location of the hotel and the room number.

Once sufficient partygoers have arrived (minimum of 3 couples) will the room will be procured. In the event there too few couples the party will be declared off by us and we will leave.

The party location will be in the Piscataway NJ vicinity. This is near I-287 exit 5. It's easy to get to the party from all directions.

Parties will take place during a weekend evening 8 pm - 11 pm.

Parties will generally be kept to 6 couple maximum. If many sign up and a double (suite) room is used there will be 10 couples maximum.

Partygoers will usually be in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. There could be a couple or two in their 60s or late 20s.

Party invitees are not screened for their physical appearance. So expect all shapes and sizes.

Party invitees are screened for their attitude, dependability, respectfulness, and desire to follow the rules.

Couples are expected to chip in for the cost of the accommodations. This will typically be around $10-$25.


Be respectful of your fellow partygoers.

These parties are primarily a Watching and Being Watched affair. That does mean that physical/sexual interaction between couples is forbidden. So, you should not come to the party expecting to get laid or sucked off by someone other than your partner. You keep your hands (and other body parts) to yourself.

No means no. Be respectful of your fellow Partygoers.

No smoking is permitted.

No alcohol is permitted. Feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic refreshments.

No drugs are permitted.

No one is required to participate beyond his or her own limits. No means no. Be respectful of your fellow partygoers. Are you getting the mantra yet?

Bring your own lubes, toys, and condoms.

Showers are available for your use, but bring your own towels.

No cameras or other recording devices are permitted. Answering a cell phone call or text message is not permitted in ANY of the party bedrooms. Only begin answering the call once FULLY on the room's patio or FULLY in the bathroom, NOT while leaving the bedrooms. All phones have voice mail, so please don't even try to argue this point. This rule is NOT going to change anytime soon. People who attempt to argue will NOT be invited back to another party. Keep in mind there are some people in this group who consider a closed cell phone in the room a MAJOR form of indiscretion, so it's not just us (Hoople and hotdi).

If you leave the Party, there is no re-entry.

The Party is over when the organizer says it is over. It is not an all-night affair.

No Shows policy

Lately in the lifestyle there have been some people who feel since they don't 'know' the party people they are not due the same considerations that their family and friends are due. People who do not show up for a party have one week to email us with their apology. After one week they are put on the 'one no show' list.

Not showing up a second time puts you on the 'two no show' list. People on this list must prepay ONE WEEK before the party date to be considered on the party list.

Anyone doing a no show a third time has one week to email us with their apology. After one week with no response they will be removed from all of our groups and their names will be sent to all known local swingers party hosts.

Others joining the group

Now, if you have read all of the above and agree with it and still want to join this group, then you must write to us directly and follow these directions completely:

In the subject box type in "Request to Join NJWABW Group" Email to: hooplenhotdi@hooplenhotdi.us In your email provide some basic information. As a minimum you must provide me with your age, marital status (single, married, separated, divorced, widowed, etc.), gender, sexual orientations (straight, bi, bi-curious), County and State where you reside.

You should also answer the following questions:

   Have you ever had any experience in a sex party or group sex?

   What would you like and expect to happen at a party?

If you fail to comply, your request to join will be denied. I am sorry for having to be so strict, but hopefully you can understand this. If not, then perhaps you do not belong here.


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