This is the first and one of the best books I ever read on the subject.  It is clear and concise.  It includes many of the problems and what to do about them.  And, it is written by a woman so the point of view is one I appreciated hearing.

I have gotten quite a few great books full or erotica at bargain prices at the Venus Book Club.  This is a reasonable book club for all the reasons most people don't join book clubs.  The books are unusual and not the type to find in most book stores.  The prices are good.  Shipping is often free.  The monthly notification is easy and you can reply via the web, so no need for stamps to tell them you don't want a book.

One of the best erotic books I ever read was a novel called Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey.  Not only is this book HOT with awesome explicit sex, but the story makes it impossible to put down.  Basically it takes place at a Beverly Hills club where stunning, powerful women act out their deepest erotic fantasies, one woman is about to realize a secret obsession that will either bring her beyond ecstasy--or destroy her and everyone around her!   There is a sequel called Star which is almost as good.  You can find Butterfly at Venus Book Club and both of them at Amazon.  If you go through Amazon, you can buy them used and save money. "Amazon's sex stash Hidden deep within the stacks at is a wonderful selection of smut..."

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