The Cop and his girlfriend

The very first time we as a couple had physical sex (not internet cybersex) was in a local park. We picked what we thought was a secluded area away from the parking lot at the far edge of a ball field. This place looked to be the park maintainer's storage area. We put our blanket down between two low piles of woodchips, got naked and had our first round of sex. All was going great, or so we though.

Then a white Bronco pulls up and parks just outside of where we were lying, about 20 feet away. We froze for a bit but then no one got out of the Bronco. Were we busted or? Then a second vehicle pulls up, a Green bronco parking right alongside of the white Bronco. OK, we thought, this is it. Out of the green Bronco steps a cop, in full uniform. Our second panic begins.

Then a woman steps out of the white Bronco. They walked up to each other and then embrace. They continued kissing and got even more passionate. He began a slow massage like rubbing of her buttocks as they kissed. They kept this going for a good 10 minutes. As we were both watching them hotdi began sucking my cock, us both sideways, watching.

Then he started rubbing her breasts thru her halter top while they kissed. They both began picking up the pace even more, he inserting his hand inside the back of her pants. She had been massaging his cock thru his trousers from early on. A bit later he raised her halter top and reached under, stroking her bare breasts. He began getting really turned on, trying to bring the halter up enough to suck on her breasts but she repeatedly rebuffed him. At some point right after her denying him they slowed down a bit and then talked briefly. Shortly after that they both got back in their Bronco's and left. We weren't sure if they saw us or were putting on a show, but it was fun while it lasted.

June 2001

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