There following commands are supported by IRC applet. All IRC commands are start with "/".  Some are common IRC commands that usrs may frequently use. If the java recognize a command, it will parse and handle it. If not, the command will be sent as it (but without the initial / character) to the server.

Here are the list of all recognized commands.

ame %message : send an action to all active channels
amsg %message : send a message to all active channels
away [%message] : configure the away status
beep : send a beep to the speakers
clear : clear the window
ctcp %command [%parameters] : send a ctcp request to the given nick
dcc %nick : send a dcc request to the given nick
disconnect : disconnect from the server
echo %message : echo the specified text to the active source
hop : leave and rejoin the active channel
ignore %nick : ignore the specified nick
j %channel [%password] : join the given channel
join %channel [%password] : same as j
kick %nick : kick the given nick
leave : leave the active source
load %plugin : load the given plugin me %message : send an action to the active source
msg %target %message : send a message to the given target
newserver %alias %host [%port [%password]] : create a new server status
notice %target %message : send a notice to the given target
onotice %target %message : send a notice to all operators at the given target
part : same as leave
ping : ping the given nickname
play %sound : play the given sound, only on the local client
query %nick : query the given nickname
quit [%message] : same as disconnect, but with the given message
raw %command : send a raw command to the server
server %host [%port [%password]] : connect to the given server
sound %soundfile : play the given sound on the client and all other clients on the source
sleep %millis : freeze the interpretor for the given amount of milliseconds
topic %channel %topic : change the given channel's topic
unignore %nick : unignore the specified nick
unload %plugin : unload the specified plugin
url %url [%target] : open the given url on a new browser window
onserver %server command : execute the following command only if the source server matches the specified one. This is usefull when used with the commandX parameters.