Flash at CVS

It was a very warm sunny June afternoon. I left work and pulled the top down on the jeep. I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked the bra. It had been driving me nuts all day. I took it off and stowed it away. Turning up the stereo I drove home. I had to stop at the store on the way and when I drove into the parking lot at the local CVS I noticed two elderly men sitting on a park bench just enjoying the late afternoon sun. I parked near where they were sitting and opened the car door and slid down out of the car. It was then that I realized that the blouse was still unbuttoned. In the course of the wind during the ride and taking the seat belt off it had completely opened to my waist. I looked up to see to broadly grinning smiles from the old gentlemen. I smiled back and slowly buttoned my blouse to let them gawk for a bit. They were still there smiling at me when I came out of the store and got back in the car.


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