Chat Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to type the smileys?

A: See Java IRC Chat Smileys.
Q: Profiles: How to look them up?

A: Go to
     In "Find people on Yahoo!" box enter the Yahoo! ID.
     Change the pulldown to Yahoo! ID.
     Click on "Find People".

    If the person checked 'include in Yahoo directory' on their profile it should find it.
Q: Private messages, how to send them?

A: Double click on the nickname of the person you wish to private chat with. The lower left of the main chat window changes. Before double clicking it looks like the picture on the left. After double clicking on the name (hotdi in this example) it appears as a NEW clickable button on the lower left. Pictured on the right. Use single clicks on the private message and the #h00ple-n-h0tdi buttons to move back and forth between the public and private chat.


Q: Webcam, how?

A: Run Yahoo Messenger.

    See for more info and downloads.
Q: Pictures, how to send them?

A: There are several ways.

  • Post them on Yahoo! and describe where to find them (profile or Group).
  • Email them. Exchange email addresses in private chat.
  • Send them with Yahoo Messenger.
  • Send them with mIRC.
    See for more info and downloads.
Q: I had trouble getting into/staying in the room. Was there some things I should do?

A1: Be sure you are using chat link on the group homepage in the description.

A2: Be sure you are using Internet Explorer and NOT the AOL web browser.

A3: Write us an e-mail describing:
    1) What web browser you were using (Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, etc).
    2) Where the link was you tried to enter from.
    3) Tell us exactly what happened.

NOTE: Please include any error messages. These descriptions or what happened and error messages are essential in finding and fixing the issues you had. Without them we can only guess and only offer minimal suggestions.

A4: Check this Internet Explorer setting. This keeps you in the chat room when you click on a link in another window.
  • Under the 'Tools' menu item: click 'Internet Options....'
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Clear the check in 'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts' box.
  • Click OK.

Chat 'problems' caused by your PC: if you ever see this:

"Unable to connect : : Software caused connection abort: Connect."

We commonly see this problem with the Windows XP firewall, Zone Alarm, McAfee, and some anti-virus software with built in firewall. Also, if you are accessing chat via a corporate intranet or some similar network, often times IRC traffic will be blocked by a network firewall.

Download and install/reinstall the latest Java as a quick fix. Quite often it's all that's needed to clear this up.

What web browsers work with chat?

This chat room has been tested with:

1) Internet Explorer versions 5.5x, 6.xx and 7.x.
2) Firefox 2.x and 3.x

For the advanced folks it is Sun Java compatible too, although no new features are enabled.

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