Flashing and exhibitionism

Cute flasher lifting her shirt showing her large bouncing breasts.

Flashing: A lot of truckers and railroad freight train crews in NJ have probably seen hotdi flash. Here's a short story with pictures about a flash at CVS. More stories of hotdi flashing!

Streaking is a related pastime for some ;-)

Bar fun: Lately we've been spending Saturday nights at a local eatery playing trivia while chatting with each other (I know, an odd thing for a married couple to do!) and occasionally groping hotdi in a R rated manner.

Trains: We do at least one Blow Job per trip on AmTrak. Yes, other people are in the same car nearby, sometimes a few seats away! Here's Di just after the BJ doing a phone booth flash. There's a California group that gets togeter a regular Mooning Amtrak event!

Sex in public

sex in public: aka outdoor play. Sex, light play and photo shoots in the great outdoors in remote areas of local parks.

Watching And Being Watched

Some call it a form of soft swinging or same room play. Some will only go this far which is fine. Others then move on to soft/full swinging. Not all people want to start out on soft/full swing. We created a 'couples only' meeting party group called NJ Showing and Watching as an intermediate step between the outside world and swinging. An indoor form of Dogging (next section). http://www.voyeurevents.com/

Dogging aka car sex

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Dogging is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place, typically a secluded rest stop, in the woods, an adult movie theater or watching others doing so. Frequently, there are more than two participants; group sex and sometimes even gang bangs can occur. Observation is encouraged, thus voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or (increasingly) arrange to meet-up beforehand over the Internet. This form of public sex could also happen in reasonably secluded areas, road flashing, trucking, parking lot, parks, car back seat, bar/lounge hopping/pick ups, public bathrooms, motels, beaches, camping and hiking trails.

Hotel Exhibitionism

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Another interest is showing off while in hotels like this couple is doing. Sadly a good site was hotelroomexhibitionist.com but it's gone now; it was fun while it lasted. Here is another hotel room exhibitionism.

Yahoo! related links

We are members of a few selected exhibition themed Yahoo! groups.

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