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An Adult message board where members from New Jersey come to meet, talk and post information about locations in New Jersey where they can have fun. Locations of adult bookstores, movie theaters, clubs and hangouts to assist other members in locating them so we can all enjoy the fun. We accept anyone from single men and women to voyeurs and exhibitionists.

New Jersey hotel exhibitionism


This is for couples who like to go to hotels and do it with the windows and curtains open so they can be seen and for people who like to watch to get together and set up meeting and post pics..have fun!!! YEAH BABY YEAH!!!

Hotel and Motel Exhibitionists

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hotelandmotelexhibitionists/ Hotel and Motel Exhibitionists

Ever forget to close the curtains after checking in? A trip out of town allows us to be the exhibitionists we can't be at home. Do you exjoy showing off in windows at hotels or motels while on vacation or business trips? Show us what you wear on that walk to the ice machine, or down the hall way. This site is for those of us who choose to be "wicked" while away from home.



If you enjoy walking to the ice machine in little to nothing, or leaving the drapes open while staying at a hotel or motel, welcome. Our original group is full and we were attracting new members so fast we decided to start another. This site is for photos of hotel and motel fun and those that are risky enough to record their frisky behavior in photos. So if you like to go for that elevator ride with your dress open, or take off you clothing as you walk to your room with the chance of being seen by others, this is a group for you. Please post your related photos, stories, or leave a note where you will be staying. This group is strictly for amateur exhibitionists.

Hotel Exhibitionists


Congratulations to new member jsoplo on winning the July Photo Dare! Who wouldn't like to see HER in a hotel doorway???

Since August is a big vacation month, lets get naked on our hotel balconies for this month's dare! To make it even more interesting, try to get people in the background if you can! The photo showing the most daring balcony pose will spend September on the cover page! Good luck!!



Is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother father, brother, sister, husband, or boyfriend a cheap cheating hotel slut? Come in and find out. I have posted over 1700 pics in this and other "Hotel Slut" clubs.
This will be my main group from now on. If you want to join, you have to post. We want REAL people who are looking to have fun, or share what they have already done. If you're not willing to share, or contribute, you won't last long. I will not tollerate spamming or any type of ads.
If you don't have a pic in your profile, you won't get in, and those of you here will be weeded out! I am going to be starting back on the ground floor of the hotel with my posts. We are currently on the 3rd floor



Exhibitionists and swingers that enjoy pleazing crowds in public places in DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Philly and Virginia.


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