Hotel swingers parties

These parties usually have a short Meet-N-Greet social in the entry room before the play begins. Parties typically are in two adjoining two-bedroom suites. Most weekend party hosts provide a generic food buffet with sodas, water and juices. All are BYOB for liquor. Beyond the provided food bring everything you must have to enjoy yourself like lube, condoms and even a toy! One group has made their social into a covered dish party of sorts with attendees bringing additional cooked food items either purchased or homemade. on the right is a picture (found on the internet) from a hotel party. The ones we have attended looked very similar. In the metro NJ area where we live there is a lot going on, we reccomend checking for post on the events calendar on SLS aka Swing Life Style.
Not one of our parties but what a typical hotel swingers party looks like.

Other hotel and off premises swing parties

There are more New Jersey parties happening out there too, quite a few of which we have attended. For over a year we have been hosting a bi-monthly Meet-n-Greet in Manville, NJ. Very nice group of couples and a few select singles from NJ.

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