Sexual Health & Hygiene 101

Please read this document carefully as it contains specific advice on cleanliness as it relates to the swinging in particular.

Ladies First

1.   See your gynecologist once a year for a check-up and pap smear AND whenever you notice a problem with your equipment. Know your body and listen to it when it is telling you something.

2.   Douche sparingly (no more than twice a week). Over-douching disturbs the natural pH balance of the vagina and can actually cause more problems than it solves. You rinse away the good bacteria with the bad and can end up with an infection (and can spread it with the douche spray to the deeper parts of your anatomy). HOWEVER, it is useful to douche occasionally. On what occasions?

    a. Right after your period
    b. Right after you’ve been treated for a problem
    c. Prior to attending a swing party

3.   Odor. What’s normal? It varies...different women have different smells and even one woman’s odor can vary at different times of the month. One thing is for sure, no one smells like “Spring Flowers” or “Lemon Mist” or any other feminine product. A healthy vagina has a musty odor and every individual woman should “know” her scent...both normal and abnormal. No one expects you to be odorless BUT your scent should not be overpowering (esp. at a swing party!) We’ve at times walked into a play room and have wondered whether we were at a swing party or at the Fulton fish market! If your odor is so strong that it’s coming out of your panties before you do, make an appointment with your doctor and come see us at the NEXT party.

4.   Taste. Again, just like odor, it varies. Sweet, salty, sour, bland. Depends on the woman, the time of the month, her diet, how much water she drinks, etc. etc. etc. It shouldn’t taste rusty...that means you just finished your period and didn’t clean up good enough. Again, basic cleanliness should keep you nice & tasty. I recommend cleaning the outside & inner lips with a very gentle soap or product designed specifically for your delicate tissues. Deodorant soap may get your body zestfully clean, but it’s too harsh for your flower. ALSO steer clear from the “antibacterial” products. They cause more problems in the long run than they solve. Also, be sure to clean under your clit hood to make sure it’s nice & yummy to suck on.


1.   See your doctor regularly as well for a check up and to make sure your equipment is A-OK. Again, know your body, listen to it and see a professional for any irregularities.

2.   Wash your penis thoroughly before sex. Thoroughly. Under the skin, under the balls, around your pubes...get everything nice & soapy and rinse squeaky clean. Also be sure to wash well between your ass cheeks...I know when I give head, I like to lick balls, behind balls, everywhere...UNLESS I run into that scent which kills the whole experience.

3.   If you are part of a couple and your regular lady partner has, say a yeast or some other sort of infection, YOU NEED TO GET TREATED AS WELL. Men are frequently symptom less, but can pass their partner’s infection on to other women they are sexual with. Please refrain from sex with others until you & your partner are both cured, and use condoms with your partner until the infection clears up.

4.   If you engage in anal play with women, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT play with her pussy at the same time. It is not cool to stick your finger in her ass and then stick it in her pussy. She will end up with an infection and will come looking for you with a vengeance.

5.   WEAR A NEW CONDOM for each and every sexual encounter. Use a FRESH CONDOM with every partner. Don’t do the 2-girl side-by-side thing and be dippin’ your dick in and out of both with the same condom on. Respect your partners!

6.   Do not engage in any penile to vaginal contact without a condom even if you don’t penetrate...there may be microscopic organisms on the SKIN of your penis that can cause an infection in your partner (such as Human Papilloma Virus...sometimes INVISIBLE on men, but can cause visible WARTS on women).

Everybody Everybody

1.   Shower WELL before you begin playing at a swing party. If you shower fresh RIGHT BEFORE you arrive at the party, that will suffice to start. If you have been running around all day however, please shower when you arrive. Soap EVERYTHING up. Get EVERY CREASE & CREVICE. Rinse WELL. Lotion up (no one want to see an ashy ass!) BUT refrain from putting perfumed lotions on your one wants to eat perfume! (it may smell wonderful but it tastes HORRIBLE)

2.   SHOWER AFTER EACH AND EVERY ENCOUNTER. Don’t just run a damp washcloth across your dick or swipe your pussy with a “Summer’s Eve” towelette. WASH THAT ASS in the SHOWER with plenty of soap & water.

3.   CLEAN YOUR MOUTH after every oral sex encounter. Wash your face too, guy with beards especially!!! Mouthwash is provided for your oral hygiene (tooth brushing is not recommenced as it may cause gums to bleed, or make small tears in your mouth/tongue that may cause more of a risk for oral sex).

4.   If you engage in deep anal play (pun intended), it is recommend to take an enema before the party (please do this at home!). After the enema shower and clean your booty-hole well.

Thank you for taking the time to read AND APPLY these guidelines so we can all have a safe, clean & healthy swing experience.

Original text posted by alonzokim from an unkown website, some sections amplified by Hoople & hotdi

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