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Introduction is similar to other web browser Java based 'Chat' but has MANY times more features. Multiple videos CAN be opened AND you can be in several rooms at once. User created rooms can be easily maintained (assholes kicked/or banned). Available security measures are VERY similar to IRC. A one time download of the Sun Java VM Java is required to run this program. The free version of JMeeting runs in your web browser, the "stand alone" version ($ fee) has a more flexible window arrangement (and allows more than 3 videos open simultaneously).

Getting started

One must sign up for a ID and THEN log in. It will load all of the Java modules the first time you log in. Be patient as all of this can take some time on a dialup connection. On subsequent login's jmeeting will check for any updated java modules and then load them as well. Jmeeting will start once all of its java modules on your PC have been verified as current. A typical message is shown below as it appears on the lower left of your main JMeeting window.

After logging in

Below is the opening screen you will see after logging in. Notice there are 3 tabs. They are: "Home", a "Webcam" and a "Chatroom". More on the other tabs later. The ringlets to the left of the 4 "Gender" categories (Male, Female, Couple and Other) when clicked on expand the listings within them as a "+" would do in other programs.

Right clicking the "Web-Cams" area and then "Filter" produces:

which would be useful when videos need to be restricted.
At the bottom of the main window is a "double chat bubble" icon, seen at left next to the red ball shaped icon. When the "double chat bubble" icon is right clicked on you can set your "Availability" options. Choosing the "Do No Disturb" option blocks all "PM's" (Private Messages). A VERY useful option for the ladies!

Here we have expanded the Couples category by clicking on the ringlet next to that "Gender" category. Notice the camera labeled "Erch" has set their "rating" to "G" and the camera labeled "GatoKinkyCam" has password protected their video (orange dot on the lower right of icon).

Clicking on the double chat bubble produces a listing of available chat room categories.

Here the Home tab has been clicked qith the Broadcaster node expanded. Double clicking on "Start Broadcaster" enables you to send your video to other Jmeeting users. If your video doesn't come up after some time OR you have multiple video capture devices you "might" have to right click on your video and select the "Detect Capture Device" and/or "Select Capture Device" options.

This is what a typical chat room listing would look like:

Right clicking a room produces these options:

This is what a typical chat room might look like.
The yellow "Smiley Face" icons signify a person without a camera. The Crowns are room monitors aka Operators.
The room member HoopleNhotdi: has set their "gender" to "couple", is sending video (red dot on icon).

These are the available right click options available on your sending video window. This is also where you set your gender and rating.

These are the available right click options on a video of someone in the room list. If you have a user you wish to view that has password protected their video this is where you would enter it (provided you know it). The "Size" options are Large, Medium (default) and Small.

Detail of the Control items available to room monitors/operators.

Several other configuration options exist, many are yet to be functional. Users familiar with IRC will be right at home in these configuration areas. Most will never need to touch them, most likely ever!

Geeky Stuff

mIRC: Chat can be done the mIRC also. Below is the settings.

Creating rooms

You're registering a room using the JMeeting Java. Type the command format below into the room you've created; pay particular attention to include the room prefix "#" and the suffix ( .r or .g). Be sure that the password you choose has at least six characters. The message = the room greet; it does have a character limit but I forget how many.

I've recently tested this command in registering a room via Java so I know it works...

/cs register #YourRoomName.r YourRoomRegisterPassword RoomGreetMessage

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