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Subject: [bnapeeps] Follow up on "To the Moderator"
Date: 	Wed, 26 Sep 2007 15:40
From: 	Christian <@yahoo.com>
To:	bnapeeps@yahoogroups.com

Dear Group owner, moderator and fellow group members,
While you may or may not know me under this ID, I have been a long standing member of this group. I also host several adult Yahoo groups along with a group specifically for owners and moderators of Adult related Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. William Moore has been a long standing blemish on the adult group community for many years. His rhetorical "Freedom of Speech" battle cry is nothing more then his self imposed license to harrass and ridicule individuals. Despite this he has many accomplishments. He has singlehandedly caused or or contributed to the deletion of at least 8 Yahoo Groups, contributed to countless fine people, including women, from leaving various groups and therefore preventing their play, because they felt threatened by him. He has caused the cancellation of over 100 Yahoo accounts due to his EULA complaints against people who have stood up to him or provided services or functions he was not invited to or allowed to particpate in. These wonderful accomplishements cause him to beam with pride.
Because of him and several other individuals of notoriety within the community the Consortium of Adult Group Owners was formed. We have at our disposal many tools to ferret out the "pestilence" of the adult group community to prevent their disruption with otherwise friendly and amicable group activities.
One of the wonders of the internet is that it always leaves something to track who, what and where you are, if you know where to look. Using the most basic of these tools because I do not have access to mod privledges, you should be aware that the member posting as rh23Skidoo is posting from the same IP address as William Moore. Can I prove it is William? No, but I leave you to draw your own conclusions. The information is available for anyone to discover, providing they allow the full heading of emails to be read when sent to your email box, even forwarded from a group. In fact the more William posts the more one can see a pattern develop.
William is no longer in any of my groups, because the minute I see his IP address, he is banned. Now, I must say that he has not broken any laws to my knowledge and he knows just enough to skirt the edges of Yahoo's EULA, therefore I will NOT reveal his IP address. If you are interested, I can refer you to services/software which will allow you to analyze email headers for IP addresses and identify ISP account holders based upon the IP address. One of the reasons I am posting this here is because William is a creature of habit. He also believes he is more intelligent and by association, superior to the average person. This post I am writing will, in all liklihood enflame or enrage him. He will want to lash out, but, in doing so will only further identify himself and then may possibly break one or more rules of Yahoo's EULA. He may also engage one of his alternate profiles to probe and question me. It matters not. I no longer deal with William, instead I choose to educate group owners and moderators on how to deal with him and others like him.
Thank you for your time and good luck with your future endeavors.