Yahoo! Profiles - discussion and setup

Yahoo! switched profiles over to Yahoo! PULSE aka mid 2010. For those that think it looks somewhat familiar you're right, it is Yahoo! 360 updated and renamed! Profiles can no longer be designated 'ADULT' as that option was removed mid 2008.


What to include - and what not to include

While we would never suggest providing false information one should know Yahoo! has not used any of our personal information provided to the best of our knowledge. You create your own Yahoo! public profile and chose what details others see, ours is captured below. The only detail shown initially in your 'public profile' is the Yahoo! ID. An age is optional too, but a requirement to access many swinging related groups and their associated pictures.

Your profile picture MUST be "G rated". Yahoo! has stated that 'adult' images are a Terms of Service Violations. They may warn you or delete your ID. There is VERY rarely a second chance.

Many couples select 'Male' as their 'Gender' to reduce the pestering from solo single males. If you are a couple indicate this in the profile 'Display name' text area, sometimes this is required for entry into a group. A point to remember is a profile is like a screen name that represents who you are in the places you use it. This may be greatly different from real life, or not at all. Use this as information to know, make your own choices independent of this paragraph.

Note to group owners

Yahoo! in their great wisdom chose to release the Pulse profile system in a Beta state. Not all the links between profile fields and what shows up in the Groups 'Pending members' info-panel are working. Sometimes age and location data shows up, other times not. Some long time moderators have speculated that when the data shows up it is because the ID existed prior to Pulse and the 'Pending members' info-panel is pulling data from the OLD profile system. YMMV

Editing your profile and making it publicly visible

1) In the upper left of your group screen above "Yahoo Groups" click 'Hi, screen-name'. The screen-name is the ID you are signed in as.

2) Click 'Profile'.

3) Within your profile tab, at the end of the 2nd line click 'edit'

4) In the My Info subsection Basics click Edit.


5) Fill in 'Display name', 'Gender' & 'Location' - a real one! 'Display name' is the only field where you can indicate couple and marital status. A Yahoo! improvement!

6) You can set the 'Full name' & 'Birthday' visibility to 'Visible to everyone' if you wish. DO NOT check 'Hide my age' if you want to be approved for membership in adult themed groups!

7) Click Save.

8) Scroll down to 'Interests' section. Click 'Edit'.

9) In the 'Interests' box add some interesting detail about yourself. What you are looking for, and most important what your not (looking for).

Spell and punctuate carefully - many will judge you despite what you may say about yourself in person. Why? You will never get the opportunity to tell them (in person) as they will skip over you!.

10) Set the visibility to 'Everyone' on boxes with info and then click the 'Save' button.

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