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Attention all sexy lifestylers:

Come to meet fellow swingers from all over for a great night of fun times, good eats and plenty of fun. We encourage everyone to come and let loose! We've had many great groups at this MnG and we, Hoople & hotdi as the host couple hope to see many more! Its sure to be a HOT night and not just because it's warm inside!

About the group

We are an Off Premises swingers club that hosts bi-monthly Meet-n-Greets in a central NJ nightclub. Couples and singles are invited to party and socialize in a no pressure atmosphere. THIS IS NOT A PLAY PARTY. In the early evening we chat, dance, eat and drink together. As the evening goes on SOME people may drift away to a nearby hotel. Most will stay the entire evening.

What is a Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets aka M-n-G's are SOCIAL gatherings of like minded people for the purpose of meeting and greeting new people into the swinging lifestyle in a no pressure atmosphere. This M-n-G is for all interested in swinging, BBW's and BHM are especially welcome. Many at Meet-n-Greets are new to swinging, so it's not just the same people each time. Seasoned swingers go often too as they love the social aspects. There's no way of telling how many will show up. Ages range from 30's to 60+. Read the Meet-n-Greet Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Singles guys are invited too!

This is a public, 'no fee' Meet-n-Greet. M-n-G's are a great way for singles to meet each other too. Dress to impress and be sure to bring your best behavior. Newbie advice! These M-n-G's are social events held in a public bar or lounge. Note to couples - the single men are never allowed to be pesty, ever! We have many watching them, some they can see, some they can't!

There is a $5/7/10 per person cover after ~8:30 pm (Rhythm's - not ours), so
Arrive on time - you'll meet more people as some hook up/leave early.
Hoople & hotdi
M-n-G hosts
  Finding us/the group: Please, don't hesitate to approach us / the group. We'll be at the front oval bar on the left as you walk in. The left side away from the front door. By the front windows (neon signs). All the staff knows us, ask for Mike & Diane! Please do try to sign in - you can then get an optional 1 inch colored sticker/name-tag (below) so others will know you are a part of the group. Or sign in and then drift away to do your own thing!

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A sign as you walk in directs you to the group --- ask people if they're with the 'RVS Yahoo group'.

Single guys read!!!

For guys that don't 'get' the above we'll be happy to have the 6' 6" 300# bouncers come over and say hi!
If for some reason anyone experiences such behavior please let us know. See Above.
For the record we have NEVER had a problem with either the single men quantity or behavior in 6+ years of doing M-n-G's.

At the Meet-n-Greet we do ask that you please be discrete when talking about the lifestyle or talking about getting a room as there are people there that are regulars and not in the lifestyle.

Last updated Monday, December 27, 2010