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Hoople & hotdi's place of swinging and other swapping lifestyle information
Tips for Single guys and swinging
Hot sexuality and swinging related website links
About Us and what we're looking for
Meet-n-Greet Frequently Asked Questions
Sex Toy Box
Yahoo! Profiles - discussion and setup.
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Reading Room
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Yahoo Groups message posting delays
YPOPs! - webmail helper program
What's (not) common about all swinging venues?
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Common Swinging Terminology
Glossary of Prostitution related Terms and acronyms
Frequently Asked Questions About Swinging
Meeting advice for newbies
Newbie's guide to swinging
Why have swinging rules?
Guide to Safe Sex (Concise)
Sexual Health & Hygiene 101
Di's response to common questions
Some swinging groups of interest
NJ Showing and Watching Party rules and Logistics
Flash at CVS
True accounts and Stories
We were asked once "Why are you (couples) so harsh to single guys?"
Webcam's for novices
Computer and web related
Links to Swinger websites
Interests that 'overlap' the swinging lifestyle
Lehigh Valley Meet and Greet
#H00ple-n-h0tdi IRC chat room intro
Chat Frequently Asked Questions
Please reactivate your Yahoo! Groups email address
William Moore
The Cop and his girlfriend
camming/ 1 pages
Samples of Camming Activities
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IRC chat
Chat room entrance
Chat room (PJIRC) commands
Java IRC Chat Smilies
IRC chat 'problems' caused by your PC
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mIRC installation and configuration help
mIRC DCC setup and Help
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Flashing and exhibitionism
Exhibitionism related Yahoo Groups
hotel-swingers-parties/ 1 pages
Hotel swingers parties
jmeeting/ 1 pages
JMeeting For Dummies
photos/ 1 pages
Hoople and hotdi's personal photos
rvs/ 1 pages
Round Valley Swingers Meet-n-Greet at 8 pm to midnight in Manville, New Jersey at Rhythms of the Night & J.P.'s Steakhouse
skinnydipping-nudism-nudists/ 2 pages
Skinny dipping aka Nude Swimming
Sandy Hook aka Gunnison Beach
strip-clubs/ 1 pages
Strip Clubs - our experiences
swinging/ 3 pages
Swinging and swingers topics
Swingers Party Rules
A Few Thoughts About Party Behavior
webcam-chat/ 1 pages
Webcam chat
yahoo-swingers-groups/ 1 pages
Yahoo! swingers groups