Skinny dipping aka Nude Swimming

Nude couple viewed from behind sitting alongside the ocean in the sand.

Lewd it and loose it

A popular nude beach saying suggests "Lewd it and loose it", meaning that overt sexual displays often lead to authorities closing such sites. Sometimes nude beach sites and surrounding nature can evoke a strong emotional response in people. It's important to remember that not all users will have such emotions. If one finds such emotions uncontrollable and the the attraction to your partner tends to be overwhelming, it's common naturist etiquette to remove overtly sexual responses out of the view of others and any children present. After all, they do have a right to use the place as well. most nude beaches are adjacent to acres upon acres of forest. If love in the wild is your thing, please make it private and unseen.

Sunset at Harriman Reservoir looking towards Wilmington Vermont.

The Ledges

We love the inland nude swimming holes and the shade they provide, both for health and sexy fun. The Ledges at Harriman Reservoir, off Rt 100 near Wilmington Vermont is our all time favorite place when at our Massachusetts house.

A pile of loose rocks found on an island built by swimmers to warn boaters of the underwater hazzard during high water times. Others say they are sculptures of sorts by neophyte atrists.

More ledges pictures.

Sandy Hook aka Gunnison beach

Sandy Hook aka Gunnison Beach aka 'the hook' (local NYC metro slang) is the biggest nude beach in the entire Northeast. Thousands flock to the beach during the summer, and on a good day on the weekend, the parking lot often fills up by 10 am. Gunnison Beach is BIG and can easily accomodate the thousands who throng here. The National Park Service has at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook National Park, New Jersey. Not only does the National Park Service post signs regarding nudity ("beyond this point ...") they also provide lifeguards and security although clothed, unfortunately.

Warning: Nude bathers may be present on the beach.

NOTE: We (Hoople & hotdi) ONLY go to Sandy Hook aka Gunnison Beach in the 'off season' when the sun is MUCH less intense. Please don't ask us to go in May thru September as we'll turn you down immediatly, no matter how good the 'opportunity' you offer seems (to you).

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