Strip Clubs - our experiences

We have gone together to several Strip Clubs in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Canada.

Right after we sit down we let the dancers know that hotdi is cool with them paying attention to us. To the point that hotdi does all the tipping and she gets touches and naughty little words whispered to her by them.

In Canada there are some unusual methods of tipping: one lays on their back on stage with the tip folded in your mouth. The dancer extracts the tip with her body (not her hands) from you.

Hoople prior to meeting hotdi had gone to some in New York State, NYC and in quite a few in Pennsylvania.

Strip Clubs listings

Strip Club List Fairly complete listing with some whiney reviews.

The best web site for these clubs is TUSCL aka The Ultimate Stripclub List. It is a pay site, with a way in for free. If you provide a club review they will let you in for 30 days. Worth joining if you travel a lot.

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