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What's (not) common about all swinging venues?

From an online discussion comparing Hotel parties, swingers clubs and adult book stores aka ABS'. We have minimized the coverage of ABS places like Berlin News Agency aka Berlin News aka BNA aka BN. There are other locations where swinging might be what people call the activeties that go on there. Let's explore.....
Common Swinging Terminology - What do all those acronyms in swingers personal ads mean? What in the world is a MWC? Here's where you will find your swinging term answers. Occasionally a missused prostitution related terms or acronyms might appear in a swingers ad/listing.

"The real shame is that 100% of the single men out there think that it's the 'other 99%' that are responsible for the reception they receive from most couples."
Single guy? Read more on Tips for Single guys and swinging

Swinging FAQ's

clubs, couples, becoming, reasons, etiquette, on premises clubs, house party, jealousy, more....

Meeting advice for newbies

Advice for couples with the intention of giving some "a clue" as to how to act. Several posts combined.

Meet-n-Greet Frequently Asked Questions

M-n-G's are a gathering of people in public for the purpose of meeting and greeting new people into the lifestyle in a no pressure atmosphere. NO sex activity takes place.

Hotel swingers parties

Most have a MnG in the room, typically in two room suite. The host provided a buffet of snack food, sodas and water. Bring anything you need to enjoy yourself: lube, condoms and even a toy!

Newbie's guide to swinging

What is swinging, Who are swingers?, Communications, Fantasies, Why rules?, Jealousy, On-Off Premises clubs, What are all those codes people post in their swingers ads?, Swinging is not about, Social aspects of swinging, Full vs soft swing, Single men venturing into swinging, Hygiene and prep, Safe sex and STD's, Security and discretion, Finding and contacting other swingers and Ejaculation etiquette and more.

Why have swinging rules?

'...After all it's our relationship that could be at stake, potentially jeopardizing it is TOO high a price to pay for the privilege of swinging. Our goal was to safeguard our relationship...'

'...having a separation between what we have for our making love to each other and recreational sex. []...we feel a need to protect our relationsip with our own.'

Guide to Safe Sex



Good reference for swingers.

Party rules example

A few thoughts about party behavior

HotDi's response to questions

Sent to her in emails, IMs and private chat.

Icebreaker suggestions

A new take on Spin the Bottle!

Long Island clubs and events

Adult Book Stores - a slightly to majorly different form of swinging. Some seasoned swingers say it isn't part of the 'swinging lifestyle' and won't do it or have any part of those who visit them.

Yearly events

http://www.swingstock.com/ July 15-19 2009 (Near Sandstone, Minnesota)


Swingers clubs and forums


Hotel party group in the Mount Holly NJ area.

117 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, 718-788-2580

An Adult Lifestyle Club with friendly people who enjoy each others company with no expectations. Stay a day a nite or a weekend!



Other swingers' personal websites

Check back here often for additions. Please notify us if any go commercial and we'll remove them!

Jeff & Debbie's - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greg & Sheryl - Denver, Colorado

Alex & Suze - UK

Freddy and Eddy - Los Angeles, CA

David & Lynne - Central Florida

Orlando Love Loft - Orlando, FL

Mahogany and Hubby - North of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mn

Lee and Laura - Las Vegas, NV

James & Jayme -

JoAnn & Ron - PA

EJ's Swingers Parties - Melbourne, AU

Jo and David - Spain

JoJo - Spain

http://adultbloghub.com/ has lots more, 680 posts last time we checked!


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