Swingers Party Rules


These parties are primarily a swinger’s affair.  That does not mean that physical/sexual interaction between individuals is a given.  Some people will be there for watching and being watched.  For them even a soft touch is over the top.  NO ONE should not come to the party expecting to get laid or sucked off by others.


  1. NO MEANS NO!  This is the Main Rule; Yes, these are parties at which anything can (and often does) happen, but no one is to be pressured to do anything they don't want to do. If you can't respect other people's wishes swinging is NOT for you! No is not an insult. No may be because of a mood, a rule, or it might mean the other person (couple) is not ready. It may also mean, "No, thank you, but I'm not interested." That is every swinger’s prerogative. It may or may not be personal. We are all adults, deal with it!


  1. NO PRESSURE: By the same token, no one is allowed to pressure YOU to do anything that you do not wish to do.  If anyone tries to pressure you into doing anything, or is being unduly aggressive, let us know and the offending parties will be shown the door.


  1. WOMEN CONTROL THE PLAY at parties. We are all aware that some women like to initiate, and some like to be approached and/or pursued by men.  Having said that, no male should EVER touch a female intimately without her consent.  And no, the mere presence of a woman at the party does NOT imply her consent.


  1. Hands: Watch those hands. Don't be handsy. Don't grab other people, their breasts, their butts, don't pull up their skirts. Before you have had sex it's rude and after you have had sex its still rude! Being handsy makes people uncomfortable and, even worse, it make people not like you.


  1. Play-At-Your-Own-Risk!  People, know thyself. In your enthusiasm to play, don't forget that you are a human mortal of whatever age and physical condition.  If, however, you do forget your limits, or trip over the ménage à trois happening on the floor, that's on you.  We are not responsible for any conditions sustained during the course of the party.


  1. DRUGS: Our parties are drug free.  People arriving excessively impaired (our call) and or visibly high will not be allowed into the party. You will not get a refund!  Anyone becoming excessively high or impaired (our call) after arriving will be ejected from the party without a refund. You will also be removed from the group and future party lists. This is for the protection of our other guests.


  1. ALCOHOL is permitted.  Feel free to bring your own alcoholic refreshments. Note that we consider allowing drinking to be a privilege bound to your own self control. Many other parties are dry (no alcohol permitted). People arriving excessively impaired (our call) or drunk will not be admitted to the party. Becoming excessively drunk (our call) after arriving will get you ejected from the party without a refund.  You will be removed from the group and future party lists.  After all, no one can get a hard-on when trashed. This is for the protection of our other guests.


  1. WHAT HAPPENS AT A PARTY STAYS AT A PARTY!  Do not mention to non-party members, and especially to hotel staff or other hotel guests, that there is a sex party going on.  When talking to other party members outside the parties, be discreet.  You don't know who might overhear you.  This is a very private matter for most, and one they don't want most people to know about.  Never, ever mention names!


  1. NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES ALLOWED!  We are aware that some people like being photographed or filmed during play, and that's great.  However, many people are uncomfortable with the mere presence of cameras at parties.  This includes the use of cell phones in any area where play is ongoing.  If the M-n-G room has any action ongoing please use the bathroom, balcony, terrace or hotel hallway.


  1. ARRIVE IN NORMAL STREET WEAR.  NOT streetwalker wear, street wear! If part of your turn on is to be dressed up either cover up on the way in (a trenchcoat in 90 degree July weather?) or change in the party room's bathroom.  We do NOT wish to attract undue attention from the hotel staff or other guests.  We like this hotel, we'd like to be able to use them again for a long time.


  1. SPECIAL FOOD NEEDS: Part of the donation is put towards the purchase of snacks, beverages & party supplies.   If you have any special dietary requirements please bring them along.


  1. SEX PARTY!!!  There will be a sitting area where most of the action will not be taking place during the arrival time.  After that time however, people are pretty much allowed to do what they like where they like.  If someone decides to go at it in the middle of the sitting area, this is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged by the more voyeuristic amongst us.  The point is, DO NOT attend the sex party if you do not want to see things sexual.


  1. CONDOM USE IS THE RULE, the exception being established couples who chose to play with each other.  We do ask party guests to bring their own condoms.  


  1. TOYS: We welcome group members to bring along any sex toys and/or other erotic paraphernalia your lustful little hearts desire.  Sybians are especially welcome! 


  1. SMOKING: No smoking of ANY substance, especially illegal ones is permitted in any part of the hotel’s rooms. This includes the bedrooms, kitchenette, hallsand ALL of the bathrooms. Exiting and reentry of the room for hourly smoke breaks is discouraged as it brings undue attention to us. Unknown people may tailgate the smoker’s reentry and jeopardize the party’s security. Other parties precedence or allowances DO NOT apply at our parties.


  1. NOISE: To the hotel we are an innocuous group. Drawing attention to ourselves with excessive noise may cause them to visit and reprimand or ask us to remove ourselves from the hotel. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep others behaving quietly (outside of sounds of passion, a ‘normal’ sound in a hotel). Remember in 2004 a hotel in CT resorted to outside means for control after several warnings to the party.    We’d like keep using this hotel for a long time too!


  1. ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE TIMES: Arrive between 7:30pm and 9pm.  No one will be admitted after 9:30pm without prior arrangement.  The hosts would like to party too!  If you leave the party, there is no re-entry. At around 1:30 am people should look towards finishing up the scene they’re in and not begin any new ones.  The party is over when we say it is over.  This  is not an all-night affair.


  1. WHO WE ARE: Disclosing that the party is in a hotel, the (hotel name) or the room number in any public location or emailing it to people we have not pre-approved is not permitted. Referring to it as a private party in "town_name" is permissible.


  1. RULES INFRACTION: Anyone breaking these rules will be warned once or, depending on the rule, immediately kicked out of the party. 


If you’re kicked out for any reason:


Ø       There will not be any refund.

Ø       You’ll be removed from the group.

Ø       You’ll be removed from future party lists.



Group Hosts Statement


In light of all the attention that the lifestyle is getting from the law enforcement community we feel we have the right to impose tighter restrictions to our parties.  We realize other parties have less rules or none at all.    If these rules do not agree with you please just refuse the invite.





your party hosts

Last updated Saturday, August 09, 2008