Sex Toy Box

I have many vibrators.  Some that are electric, some battery.  These two are among my favorites.

The Pocket Rocket

Get in the mood with this amazing mini-vibe! Use it in the bath, the pool, the bed, or anywhere else- itís guaranteed to deliver delicious orgasms again and again! 4 interchangeable caps provide instant stimulation to all erogenous zones, and work wonders on tired muscles. A sure-fire delight for sensual women, and an exciting sexual accessory for men! Runs on one AA battery (sold separately).


Ease sexual and muscular tension at work, gym or anywhere with this pocket-size personal massager! Simply slip your finger into the Fukuoku 9000 to feel the power of 9000 pulsating waves per minute soothing any needy body part! Three stimulation tips provide uniquely different sensations so you can customize your massage. Batteries and carry pouch included. Perfect for travel!


Image of a Sybian

A Sybian is a device used mostly by women for autoerotic purposes and sexual stimulation (e.g., masturbation). It consists of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the center. Various phallic objects are specifically designed for the Sybian and can be attached to the rod. The Sybian is designed to vibrate when used, while its attachment weaves around in a circle. This vibration stimulates the clitoris externally, while the penetrative gyration (in a circular motion) stimulates the G-spot. The intensity of either of these actions can be increased or decreased through a control box attached to the Sybian's base with a cord. The combination of the different stimuli can presumably produce more intense orgasms than the user might otherwise be able to experience via more standard autoerotic or other sexual activities. Very popular at local parties in New Jersey.

Carmen Electra on the Sybian on the Howard Stern show

Local NJ Sybian parties

NJ local John that brings one to a few of the parties.

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