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We created Webcam's for novices a whole page of beginning Webcamming info. In the past we used CU-SeeMe video conferencing (webcam chat for you n00bs) and IRC text chat is where we met! On one of our other sites we have an IRC setup page. has a 'Chat now!' box on their web page, making IRC chat available for those that are skittish about installing new programs (or chatting from a machine they don't control).

ByteCam, a 3rd party mIRC add-in, allows one to webcam chat in IRC with mIRC making it a single program solution.

Lately we've been hanging out in various video chat rooms. JMeeting is a web Browser based video chat program - no cam required to view. Uses Java, so Mac's + Linux boxen work too! We have a JMeeting For Dummies page to help newbies get it going right.

In PalTalk we used to go into when it was free.

Web Browser Cam Occasionally while chatting on the internet we have our webcam on for all to see! This one doesn't require a direct connection to you, allowing upload of the image to a web site of your choice.

We've kept an archive of our pictures of webcamming fun too.

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