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Swingers related Yahoo! groups are very intimidating at first in their swinging offerings. The best list of New Jersey (and all states) Yahoo! has almost 600 swinging oriented groups. Unfortunately most are not what they seem at first or have many members out of the NJ region. There are some that are local true ones, we'll get back to those and how to find them in a bit. The ones that are 'not what they seem at first' or are 'no meet/no party' groups generally seem to fall into these three categories:
Geared towards hopeful cheating males meeting 'fuck buddies' or trolling for threesomes rather than true swingers. They empasize cheating with an advocacy of this being ok with words like needs, rights and fair. Justification is almost always placed on the non playing partner. These groups quite often are overwhelmed with professional escort postings, male oriented porn spam and little else. They are devoid of posts about people actually setting up meetings and have many 'intro posts' from those seeking a meeting.
Seem to be 'discussing' setting up parties 'real soon now' endlessly. Many of these are started possibly in good faith but the owner somehow lacks the organization or a core group of true swingers to really make it happen. The discussions typically span many months with no parties or first party date ever scheduled. Many of these groups on closer examination look to be abandoned by their owners too (no posts by owner in many months) after such extended and poorly organized attempts. Unlike most true swingers groups which are founded and run by women (or a couple) most of this type of group are founded by partnerless men.
A few groups list themselves as swingers groups but seem to fall into the class of scam only. They seem to be either collecting e-mail addresses or the group only seems to be full of cyber-voyeurs i.e. they have NO intention of meeting anyone face-2-face. The main page has a highly polished look and quite often is a 'portal' to another site where paid membership is the norm. The group itself has in many cases a high number of members but few actual posts by anyone other than the pay site owners.
OK, so how does one tell them apart? New Jersey has a BIG overload of non-partying swingers Y! groups unfortunately. We found that locating groups in our area that were actively having parties (based on evidence of past parties in the group's postings) was an excellent way to start. Avoid the ones that are on a national scale as they are most likely not meeting. Use the specialized swingers web sites (link below) to contact out of state folks.

NJ-Swingers Parties we created with the intention of being a place for ALL moderators and individuals to post their New Jersey swinging related events in NJ and adjacent states (NY, PA, MD + DE). Focused on couples swinging events primarily. There are over 36+ party hoststhat have monthly swingers parties in NJ. Many post in this Yahoo! group, other groups, in their own groups and their websites when they are having parties. We own some swinging related groups, many are New Jersey oriented, some are NY, MA, CT or Lehigh Valley (PA) focused.

Recommended groups

This listing DOES NOT constitute an OPEN invitation. Read ALL of each group requirements as listed on its front page BEFORE joining them. Only join the groups below IF you meet ALL of their stated requirements. Single guys: if they say 'couples only' please DON'T try to join!

This listing is some of the Yahoo! groups that we feel are doing some to many events per year. Not every group admits unescorted single guys or people who insist on blank profiles. Please DO NOT write/IM us for help.

Party groups have general location listed.

Bar Loose NYC, NY

BBW NJ PA NY Meet-n-Greet only - central NJ

NJ Swingers Parties Multiple party listings - Ft Lee, NJ - Stamford, CT, - NYC, NY

New York Videophiles Rye, NY + Long Island, NY

Swinging in 2003 Lives On Woodbridge, NJ

Finding other Yahoo! Groups

Many Yahoo! sex related Groups exist. In early 2008 adult Yahoo Groups index became searchable by first going to an adult group. Use the search box in the upper right. To find ones not in the directory there are resources such as Adult Group Finder and GroupOS and Adult eGroups Cafe or Bi Jane's site --- All of which are free, bridge this gap nicely. Avoid any pay 'group finder' services as they are just not worth it. Once you find a few Y! Groups to your liking asking in these groups will yield help from others with like interests.

Adult Group List icon. The most complete list we've found of all.

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